My “Ultimate Alzheimer’s Care Rescue Program” has just been released

The only module based, learning program that answers the question: “what happens if I outlive my assets?”–has just been released. This is a one-of-a-kind program that will help you face every long-term care decision and determine exactly how government benefits can help offset all or a portion of the extraordinary costs.

Every program is explained in great detail- step-by-step, how you qualify. Nothing has been left out. 

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Alzheimer’s Program-Priority List and Sneak Preview Video

My Alzheimer’s long-term care program is almost done and I’m stunned at the number of people who have already signed up for my priority notification list. In fact, it’s almost full and I’ll have to shut it down this weekend.  

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Paying For Alzheimer’s Care-Big Things on the Way…

Just a quick note, that after a lot of struggling to find the time to work on something really big and a lot of prodding from my amazing subscribers.. (not to mention my Grandma) I’m just about done with a “big package” on how families facing Alzheimer’s can pay for the extraordinary costs of long-term care. My subscribers will be getting a preview in just a few short days.

To find out what this program will be all about, (and find out how you can get member’s only pricing and bonuses from some of the top Alzheimer’s experts) visit my site to get my free ebook and get on my list.  But you have to hurry. Announcement coming very soon.

Alzheimer’s Disease, VA Aid and Attendance Example

In general, you can use a variety of methods to have assets under an acceptable level for VA qualification. Use of a trust is just one method commonly used. For VA qualification you have to look at two things: 1) Income-your income must be under what they call the Maximum Annual Pension Rate. So if for example, your husband is in need of “Regular Aid and Attendance,” then you are potentially entitled to the Maximum Annual Pension Rate of $1,842 per month (the maximum in the category of Aid and Attendance-note there are 2 other categories.)

But in order to qualify, your income must be less than $1,842 per month. However, it’s important to remember that the VA allows you to subtract all Unreimbursed Medical Expenses from your gross income. Typically, a family facing Alzheimer’s has very high expenses and can easily qualify on the income side once they subtract Unreimbursed Medical Expenses. 2) Assets-Assets for a married couple must be about $80,000 or less not including a home. That’s where planning and use of trusts and other documents can come into play.

It’s very important to note that while the VA does not have strict rules about how, where or to whom you transfer income or assets to qualify for VA, Medicaid has very strict rules. Many people facing Alzheimer’s will go on to need Medicaid paid nursing home care. The main message is: if you are going to try and qualify for a VA Pension, you must do so in a way that does not prevent you from receiving Medicaid down the line.

How Veteran’s Benefits Can Help Offset The High Cost of Alzheimer’s Disease

Here is the video I promised about Alzheimer’s and VA Benefits. Watch to find out how a VA benefit can really help pay for keeping your loved one with Alzheimer’s at home longer with at-home health care or at an assisted living facility.

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Alzheimer’s and VA Benefits-Watch for New Video

Watch for a new video of me discussing the three levels of benefits available to help pay for Alzheimer’s under the VA.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Veteran’s Benefits

Most people facing Alzheimer’s have never heard about a Veteran’s Benefit called a Special Monthly or Improved Pension. You may have heard the name “Aid and Attendance” tossed around, and it has sort of become this “mysterious” thing that people have heard exist but no one has any idea how to obtain the benefit.

Aid and Attendance is really a misnomer.  The real program is a Special Monthly Pension (also called Improved Pension). Part of that program includes a higher level benefit for Veteran’s needing “Regular Aid and Attendance.”  Now, it’s important not to confuse this VA Pension with a VA Disability Pension where the Veteran has been rated disabled due to an injury that occured during a wartime period.

Instead, this is a program that provides for long-term care costs for a Veteran who was not injured during war but is now disabled. This is a really great program for Alzheimer’s.  Many families living with Alzheimer’s want to keep their loved one at home for as long as possible.  Or, they want to move their mom or dad into a good assisted living facility.  Home health care and assisted living can cost tremendous amounts of money.  But, if you qualify for this VA benefit, it can provide up to about $1,800 per month for a married couple, about $1,500 per month for a single Veteran and nearly $1,000  per month for the widow or widower of a wartime Veteran.

This can go a long way to keeping your loved one with Alzheimer’s at home longer or at a quality assisted living facility.

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